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Innovation takes centre stage as 26th edition of Beautyworld Middle East comes to a close in Dubai

2 Nov 2022

Dubai, UAE: The 26th edition of Beautyworld Middle East – the region’s largest international trade fair for beauty, hair, fragrance, and wellbeing – comes to a close today after three action-packed days at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Launched last year to mark Beautyworld’s 25th anniversary, the Signature Scent competition has crowned a new champion for 2022. Inspired by the essence of the region, 16 of the top international fragrance houses were challenged to design and create their own interpretation of a bespoke signature scent for the show.

Curated in a blind sampling format, visitors have been casting their votes in the thousands over the past three days to decide the winner, who will be selected as the official scent for the 2023 edition of Beautyworld Middle East.

Beautyworld Middle East
Second running of Signature Scent won by Benoît Vittet, Head of Perfumery at Jean Niel Sas

The Cyber Blend scent by Benoît Vittet, Head of Perfumery at Jean Niel Sas, scooped the coveted award for this year’s edition courtesy of their scent, which was deemed to perfectly encapsulate the essence of the event through notes such as Fiery Saffron, Pink Pepper and Oudh. Commenting on the award, Vittet said; “None of this would have been possible without my team. We came in second place in 2021, and we were determined to take home the award this year. We have used modern things such as special pink pepper, orange blossom and other floral essences to make the perfume unique. I did it with my heart, and I hope that everyone gets to experience it.”

“The UAE has a global reputation for fragrances, as it is integral to local culture and traditions,” said Flyn Roberts, Show Director of Beautyworld Middle East. “With the continued growth of the sector, we decided to place a special emphasis on fragrance at this year’s event. Although the competition was high, we are delighted to confirm Jean Niel Sas as the very worthy winner.”

A number of regional and international beauty companies have also been showcasing their latest tech and new-to-market products over the past three days. 

Beautyworld Middle East

One of the exhibitors, MINE, which was founded as an intentional cross-over between beauty and science, is the first brand to have developed non-invasive face gym kits. Made in Korea, the kits have cutting-edge technology that initiates muscle stimulation and microcurrent pulses that go deep into the epidermis. Designed to stimulate collagen production and promote anti-aging, MINE kickstarts lymphatic drainage and enables its users to tighten and lift their facial muscles.

“This is our first time exhibiting at Beautyworld Middle East and over the past three days, we’ve received a positive response from potential customers and business partners alike,” said Milla Kirk, CEO at MINE. “The technology that MINE uses is the first of its kind and has been developed after extensive research and development. We’re thrilled to have brought it to a show that brings everyone from the industry under one roof! I look forward to returning to Beautyworld Middle East next year with some new technologies to showcase.”

Korean company Aram Huvis, which specialises in skin analysis devices, is returning this year and showcasing its latest ASL 100 range. Using VGA/2Mega Still Image Capture technology, these devices analyse a person’s skin moisture, sensitivity, clearness of pores, and wrinkles, suggesting a specific product and treatment plan best suited for their skin type. It can also analyse a user’s hair loss status, scalp status, and hair density. “The technology is truly amazing,” said Clark Kim, Regional Manager at Aram Huvis. “Ever since Artificial Intelligence has increased the speed and process of technology, we are at a point now where a simple picture has the power to show us what product best suits a person’s skin type or what treatment someone will need to help with hair loss. It then tracks the progress to make sure the product or treatment is working as intended.

“Our aim is to help companies help their customers by simplifying their technology, operations and customer experience.”

Innovative haircare company Kozma Curl, owned and managed by American husband and wife team Mike and Hillary Kozma, are participating for the first time to showcase their new range of hair conditioners and products specifically aimed at people with naturally curly hair. A first for the Middle East to use organic alternatives for silicon, sulphates and parabens in their products, CEO Hillary Kozma sees Beautyworld Middle East as the perfect platform to help grow the company’s supplier network.

“It is our first time at Beautyworld Middle East, and it has been a phenomenal experience,” she said. “A lot of visitors have heard of us, but there are a number of people that haven’t and are excited to see that we have something for people who care about their natural curls. Curls need special care and ingredients to enhance the moisture levels in hair. That is why we use silicon alternatives, which are bio-based emollients that give the silicon feel without it being in the product. We are definitely returning next year.”

Beautyworld Middle East will be returning to the Dubai World Trade Centre from 30 October to 1 November 2023. For more information, please click the following link.