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Join us at the largest international trade fair for the beauty and wellness industry 30 October – 1 November 2023  at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Beautyworld Middle East - Front Row

Front Row by Nazih Group

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Front Row, a visionary show highlight that captures the spirit of Beautyworld with style and panache, puts you right in the midst of the latest new developments in the industry. Its key features are education, demonstrations and expert talks that combine over three unmissable days in a novel format that is engaging and entertaining at once, with representation from industry segments including hair, makeup, nails and beyond. The avant-garde setup will celebrate the vibrant spirit of the industry like never before; bold, evocative and popping with colour and neon accents, it will mirror the constantly evolving trends and pulse of beauty, both internationally and closer to home.


Participating brands

Beautyworld Middle East - Guinot


Guinot, a leading brand in the beauty and skincare industry, has a captivating story that traces back to its founding in the early 1960s. The brand's journey began with the vision and passion of a French biochemist named René Guinot, who had a profound fascination with the science of skincare and a desire to revolutionize the industry.

The Rene Guinot Company was set up in 1963, to supply his wife, a Beauty Therapist, with quality products. Driven by the belief that every individual should have access to high-quality skincare products and professional treatments that truly deliver visible results, René Guinot founded Laboratoires Guinot in Paris in 1963 with the brand focusing on merging scientific expertise with innovative formulations, all while harnessing the power of natural ingredients to enhance the skin's health and beauty. 

One of the key moments that cemented Guinot's position as a trailblazer was the introduction of the iconic "Hydradermie" facial treatment in 1972 – a revolutionary treatment, also known as the "Star Treatment," was the first-ever machine-based facial that combined cutting-edge technology with customized skincare products. The Hydradermie treatment became an instant success and remains a cornerstone of Guinot's extensive treatment offerings to this day.

Over the years, Guinot continued to expand its range of skincare products and treatments, always staying at the forefront of scientific advancements and incorporating the latest research into their formulations. The brand's dedication to innovation and efficacy, along with a commitment to personalized skincare solutions, has earned Guinot a loyal clientele and the trust of beauty professionals worldwide. As a result of its success, Guinot has grown into a global brand, with a presence in numerous countries and a network of esteemed beauty salons and spas that offer its signature treatments and products.

Today, Guinot remains true to its founding principles, upholding René Guinot's legacy of combining science, nature, and professionalism to provide exceptional skincare solutions. With its continued commitment to research, innovation, and education, Guinot remains a beacon of excellence in the beauty industry, empowering individuals to achieve healthy, radiant, and ageless skin.

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