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19 June, 2020 - Trending in 2020 and beyond - has COVID-19 changed beauty forever?  Global Cosmetics News brings you the over-arching trends in beauty that will dominate in the months and years to come.

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K-beauty’s post-COVID-19 future: Clean, hygienic and healthy beauty trends set to soar

Beautyworld Middle East - K-beauty’s post-COVID-19 future: Clean, hygienic and healthy beauty trends set to soar

17 June, 2020 - Beauty brands that are looking into South Korea’s post-pandemic personal care market can tap into upcoming trends triggered by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Christine Kim, CEO of K-GMP said one of the biggest changes among consumers is the perception of safety. This has caused the personal care needs of South Korean consumers to shift.

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Post Crisis Changes In Consumer Attitudes Towards Beauty

Beautyworld Middle East - Post Crisis Changes In Consumer Attitudes Towards Beauty

17 June, 2020 - The beauty industry has played an essential role during the pandemic by providing people with basic hygiene products and supporting their self-esteem. However, Covid-19 has prompted consumers to re-evaluate their beauty products and needs.

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12 June, 2020 - In what may come as a welcome respite from COVID-19 news, Global Cosmetics News analyses the annual Brand Finance Cosmetics 50 report.

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Cosmetics Business reveals 5 key beauty start-up trends and advice in new report

Beautyworld Middle East - Cosmetics Business reveals 5 key beauty start-up trends and advice in new report

Fearless and fast-moving, beauty start-ups continue to set new standards for the beauty industry amid the current crisis. This report on Cosmetic Business reveals how to start out in beauty, which brands to watch and uncovers new opportunities for innovation.

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The Top 10 Emerging Beauty Trends after the Lockdown

Beautyworld Middle East - The Top 10 Emerging Beauty Trends after the Lockdown

How will the current crisis impact upon the future of beauty? It’s a question we’ve all been pondering ever since the true scale of this pandemic first began to emerge. 

“Even if the COVID-19 outbreak will eventually be contained, certain habits will persist and it's becoming increasingly clear that the pandemic will likely leave a profound and lasting impact on the society, on the economy as well on the global Beauty industry,” explains Sylvie Moreau, President of Coty Professional Beauty. “These days I have been reflecting on the new reality this crisis is shaping in front of our eyes and I felt it might be helpful to share with you some of the learnings gathered in the last few weeks.”

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Beauty industry wrestles with sustainability during pandemic

Beautyworld Middle East - Beauty industry wrestles with sustainability during pandemic

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the global economy, but its impact on sustainability efforts has been more mixed. The pandemic has also reintroduced single-use plastic bags and proliferated the use of plastic latex gloves. What’s more, as The Atlantic reported, sustainability historically takes a hit when economies reemerge from pandemics.

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Post-pandemic future: Beauty industry will see more emphasis on digital, collaboration and sustainability after COVID-19

Beautyworld Middle East - Post-pandemic future: Beauty industry will see more emphasis on digital, collaboration and sustainability after COVID-19

The novel coronavirus outbreak will have a lasting impact on the beauty industry when it comes to digital strategies, cross-collaborations and sustainability.

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The Estée Lauder Companies Contributes to Global COVID-19 Relief Support

Beautyworld Middle East - Estée Lauder Covid-19 Relief Support

8 May, 2020 - As the world is faced with the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) stands with the global community to help limit the spread of the virus and ease the related economic hardships faced by the communities in which we live and work. Guided by its family values and a spirit of giving, the company has made contributions to support the well-being of our global communities, including monetary and in-kind donations, hand sanitizer produced at the company’s facilities and the establishment of the ELC Cares Employee Relief Fund. 

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Esports emerges as in-demand beauty marketing channel

Beautyworld Middle East - Esports game characters

5 May, 2020 - Once considered an opportunity to reach mainly male consumers, the world of esports and gaming is now attracting a growing pool of beauty brands and their female shoppers.

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How luxury beauty brand Shiseido is giving back to people of the UAE

Beautyworld Middle East - Shiseido two female models

3 May, 2020 - Fashion and beauty brands from all over the world have come together to support the efforts of health workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. To boost morale and show medical staff extra love, beauty company Shiseido has come together with Emirates Red Crescent on a new initiatives which falls in line with one of its core values, ‘PEOPLE FIRST’.

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Dubai make-up artist makes history as first male cover star of Cosmopolitan ME

Beautyworld Middle East - Mohammed Hindash

3 May, 2020 - A Dubai-based make-up artist, known for working with some of the world’s most famous celebrities like Naomi Campbell, has made history by becoming the first male cover star of Cosmopolitan Middle East.

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Faces is introducing a virtual concierge in UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Beautyworld Middle East - Faces lady doing her makeup

30 April, 2020 - Quarantine or not, beauty stops for no one. Beauty retailer, Faces, has recently even launched a 'virtual concierge' to make sure that your beauty regimes are still in tip-top shape. What's a Faces Concierge, you may ask? Well, the regional beauty company has given customers direct access to beauty experts from the company that we may virtually interact with and call to provide personalised consultations.

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43 Beauty Brands Giving Back in Support of Coronavirus Relief

Beautyworld Middle East - Beauty products

28 April, 2020 - As the spread of the novel coronavirus sends rippling effects through shuttered businesses across industries, many brands have found inventive, generous ways of giving back. Here's how members of the beauty industry are helping out during these trying times. 

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Coty is awarding $200,000 to hairstylists and manicurists affected by the pandemic

Beautyworld Middle East - Coty hairdresser cutting hair

24 April, 2020 - Coty was among the first of the major beauty corporations to step up to the plate during the coronavirus pandemic when it started producing much-needed hand sanitizer in its factories. And as efforts to suppress COVID-19 have had the unfortunate result of preventing beauty professionals from being able to safely do their work, Coty is stepping up again with another way to help.

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LVMH shows resilience amidst COVID-19 crisis

Beautyworld Middle East - LVMH join forces collage

21 April, 2020 - French luxury retailer group, LVMH is resilient in its outlook amidst on-going COVID-19 crisis, despite recording revenue of €10.6 billion for the first quarter of 2020, down 15% compared to the same period in 2019.

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Beauty United: Drew Barrymore joins over 40 beauty brands to raise $10 million for Covid-19 relief

Beautyworld Middle East - Beauty United logo

15 April, 2020 - Wellness and beauty brands unite to raise money for Covid-19 Frontline Responders Fund, including Drew Barrymore, who's navigating parenthood in quarantine. Over 40 beauty brands have come together to raise money for Covid-19 relief, forming the Beauty United campaign.

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LVMH and its Maisons engaged in fight against coronavirus in France

Beautyworld Middle East - LVMH producing masks

10 April, 2020 - Here’s a recap of some of the concrete actions taken in France by LVMH and its Maisons thanks to the unwavering engagement of their teams.

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Huda Kattan to Forgo Salary for the Year Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Beautyworld Middle East - Huda and Mona Khattan

8 April, 2020 - Huda Kattan, the founder and chief executive officer of billion-dollar cosmetics brand Huda Beauty, has announced that she is forgoing her salary for the remainder of the year in a bid to protect employees during the current coronavirus crisis.

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Toni Malt - The Pandemic Through the Eyes of a Top Makeup Artist

Beautyworld Middle East - Toni Malt makeup class

7 April, 2020 - Savoir Flair speaks to Toni Malt, one of the most sought-after and highly regarded makeup artists in the region and founder of the Toni Malt Makeup Academy, about what these unprecedented circumstances have meant for her line of work.

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Fragrance manufacturers making major contributions

Beautyworld Middle East - Firmenich hand sanitizer and masks

3 April, 2020 - Firmenich expands its hand sanitizer production amid the global outbreak. The Group is increasing its production capacity to 100 tons across the USA and Switzerland.

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The UAE-born beauty brands to support: how to champion small business through your beauty cabinet

Beautyworld Middle East - UAE born beauty brands products

1 April, 2020 - With malls and boutiques currently closed across the UAE, in a bid to stem the spread of the coronavirus, it's not as simple as popping to the shops to get your beauty fix. However, there are myriad websites and apps dedicated to bringing your favourite skincare, hair and make-up products to your door. From the UK's Cult Beauty to the Middle East portal of Sephora, you can still keep up with your beauty routine.

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