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Quintessence - the art of perfume

Rare. Exquisite. And really very niche.

‘Quintessence – the art of perfume' is the exclusive platform devoted to niche fragrances. Some of the world’s most unique brands and creators will showcase their products in a bespoke, luxurious environment befitting the stature of these magnificent creations.

Be part of the heart of Beautyworld Middle East’s artistic brands section, where the world’s ‘creme de la crème’ of perfume brands will showcase their creations in an exceptionally luxurious & contemporary tailor-made environment.

Quintessence Brands

Beautyworld Middle East - La Bonte Paris


NICHEEND is the luxury perfume station inspired by Universe. NICHEEND perfumes carry an extraordinary signature that attests to unparalleled craftsmanship, quality, and creative integrity. Using only the finest and most special ingredients for creating elements of the universe

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