2022 Featured Exhibitors

Explore the featured exhibitor list by their product category and shortlist the ones you would want to meet at the event.

Cosmetics & Skincare

Beautyworld Middle East - BFF KOZMETİK


BFF Kozmetik is the leading cosmetics brand that continues to grow in line with beauty, quality and hygiene standards for more than 44 years. Since 2010, our brand BFF Cosmetics, which has been leading the sector in many areas of cosmetics with its 10,000 product formulations and with our own brand Petite Maison and Pielor with more than 200 SKU products.

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Beautyworld Middle East - Diana de Beauté

Diana de Beauté

Diana de Beauté s.a.l. manufactures a wide range of Skin Care and Hair Care products; all of our products are Made in Lebanon. We combine Lebanese elegance and refined taste in beauty with the latest international technologies and fine ingredients, to deliver the finest cosmetic products.


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Beautyworld Middle East - Stellent


13 year-old Dubai based exporters/wholesalers for branded food and toiletries with our own offices in Europe and Asia.

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Beautyworld Middle East - Hemas Consumer Brands

Hemas Consumer Brands

Hemas Consumer Brands is one of the largest Personal Care companies in Sri Lanka. Hemas brands encompass a range of products for babies and adults in hair care, skin care, toiletries, fragrances and oral care. 

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Personal Care & Hygiene

Hair, Nails & Salon Supplies

Fragrance Compounds and Finished Fragrance

Beautyworld Middle East -  Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal Perfumes is one of only integrated ‘farm to fragrance’ brand with 7 decades of perfumery legacy having its own raw materials, state-of-the art R&D and Manufacturing set-up, Design & Development, Retail & Distribution network.

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Beautyworld Middle East - Haga Oud

Haga Oud

Realizing the world’s Oud market, Hoang Giang Agarwood Ltd. with the brand Haga Oud was founded in early 2014 with the desire to bring Vietnamese Oud products to reach out internationally. We have a diverse range of product lines: Oud woods, Smart Oud, raw materials for Oud and Bakhour, Oud essential oil used in the production of high-end perfumes.



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Natural & Organic

Machinery, Packaging, Raw Materials & Contract Manufacturing