Beautyworld Middle East - Mounir Master Class

The School Masterclass by Mounir

Beautyworld Middle East is ecstatic to have collaborated a Masterclass by the maestro himself, Mounir on 31st October and 1st November last year at Sheikh Maktoum Hall, DWTC. This gave Beautyworld Middle East visitors an opportunity to be at the fore front of the industry and learn from the best of the best.

Mounir as a MENTOR highlights in his master classes how to achieve the right business mindset and advises on leadership skills. The world is full of hair designers who are capable and have the potential to reach their horizons; they only need empowerment and guidance.

Mounir will guide you on the steps of becoming a successful entrepreneur and acquire the personality needed to excel in this field. Now more than ever, Mounir is working on instilling the four mindset pillars to be on top of this business: Growth, Learning, Deliberative and promotional mindsets. Mounir instills these qualities in addition to academic development through physical master classes and online education to add value, uplift the standards of the coiffure in all corners of the world.

All attendees, no exceptions, will receive a printed document with SECRET formulas, challenging cases troubleshot, & many more useful tips that’ll help you overcome any obstacle.

And for the first time ever, Mounir will extend his masterclass from 6 hours to 8 hours to make sure to cover a load of information, new techniques & trends.

The Mounir School masterclass is not complete without:

  1. A Certificate of completion.
  2. A photo with Mounir.
  3. The Masterclass will be conducted in Arabic and translated into English and multiple languages.
  4. Mounir’s Army cap.
  5. Food & Drinks.