Confirmed participants for 2019

Laura Polko

Beautyworld Middle East - Laura Polko

Celebrity Hairstylist

Beautyworld Middle East is excited to welcome celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko to the 2019 edition!

With a client list that includes major celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Poppy Delevingne, Hailey Baldwin, Hailee Steinfeld, Olivia Munn and Shay Mitchell to name a few, Laura is behind some of Hollywood's best red carpet looks. The LA based hairstylist’s work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, ELLE and Galore, and she has keyed looks for advertising campaigns including Saks, Alloy, Delia’s, Nike and Macy’s.

See Laura Polko at the Front Row stage at Beautyworld Middle East 2019.

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Maria Dowling

Beautyworld Middle East - Maria Dowling

Creative Director & Founder, mariadowling Salon

Known as the region’s Queen of Colour, Maria Dowling founded her eponymous luxury Dubai salon in 2002, based on the philosophy that ‘colour is key’ when it comes to great looking hair. Staying true to her roots, Maria has gained Middle East-wide recognition for her natural, subtle and intuitive approach to hair colouring. Maria’s staying power and longevity in the salon industry is down to her professionalism and commitment to her craft: creating bespoke, beautiful and long-lasting hair colour.

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Basma Faramawy

Beautyworld Middle East - Basma Faramawy

Founder & Beauty Editor, B Beauty Arabia

Basma Faramawy is a seasoned beauty journalist and the founder of B Beauty Arabia, an online guide dedicated to all things beauty in the Middle East.

She began her career in publishing over 12 years ago, specializing in beauty, health, fitness and wellbeing. With years of insider beauty experience under her belt, Basam has established herself as one of the region’s top beauty authorities working in both Arabic and English, in print and digital media, in titles such as Hia,, Savoir Flair and Zahrat Al Khaleej.

In addition to her expansive product and treatment knowledge, she is also a certified makeup artist with additional certification in skincare therapy and cosmetic science.

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Christina Preinstorfer

Beautyworld Middle East - Christina Preinstorfer

Method Director, Rossano Ferretti Hairspa Dubai

Austrian born Christina has been a professional hair stylist and make-up artist for the past 15 years. Her passion for style and beauty emerged at the young age of 15 while working in a local salon. Nine years ago she joined Rossano Ferretti, graduated in The Method Cut from the brand’s elite training school in Parma and has since been practicing the most innovative technique of haircutting in the world. Christina performs The Method with the finesse and precision of a ballet dancer and her artistic performance always results in connecting the client’s inner beauty to the rest of the world. Christina’s love for travelling & The Method have taken her to various Rossano Ferretti destinations across the globe, including Milano, Belgrade, Maldives, London, Vienna, and now the UAE.

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Dee Mohamud

Beautyworld Middle East - Dee Mohamud

Content Creator & YouTuber

Dee Mohamud is a Dubai based fashion and beauty Content Creator and YouTuber. Known for her signature curly afro and colorful style. 

After starting her blog and social media channels, 6 years ago, Dee has successfully landed several regional campaigns with major beauty and fashion brands such as YSL, MAC Cosmetics, Rimmel London, REEBOK and MISSGUIDED.

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Holly Drake

Beautyworld Middle East - Holly Drake

Marketing Manager, CRANK

While traveling the world for a living Holly picked up indoor cycling as a means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Soon enough she handed in her cabin bag for a pair of cleats and became a RIDE trainer at CRANK Dubai. Having lived in Dubai for the past 4 years, Holly has travelled the globe, worked within the corporate industry and finally found her calling within the fitness world. A strong believer in maintaining a healthy & balanced lifestyle, Holly states that working out for her isn’t just to “look good”, but it is also about inner happiness and an overall well-being.

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Dr. Malda Aldaoudi

Beautyworld Middle East - Dr. Maldaa Aldaoudi

Owner, Eternel Clinic Dubai

Dr. Malda Aldaoudi is a specialist aesthetic dermatologist based in the UAE. She completed her Masters degree in Dermatology – Venereology in 2006. Following years of successful practice, she received advanced formal trainings from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine. She is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. 

Dr. Malda worked extensively across several private clinics in Syria and the UAE. She participates regularly in continuing medical education workshops and seminars and has much scientific participation in international conferences. Throughout her professional journey, she has been a trainer for leading Pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Currently Dr. Malda is an accredited regional trainer for both Galderma ( Restylane ) and Sinclair Pharma ( Silhouette Soft ). With a focus in both clinical dermatology and aesthetic medicine, she enjoys helping people look and feel satisfied in their skin. Dr. Malda’s favourite aspect of her job is the art of “face sculpturing”, which leads to obtaining the most natural looking and comprehensive results possible through aesthetic medicine. 

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Manal El Hage

Beautyworld Middle East - Manal El Hage

Beauty Expert, Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic

Lebanese Beauty Expert MANAL EL HAGE is a self-confessed Makeup Addict. She studied Law and Medical Aesthetics at the same time in Beirut. The second degree fuelled her passion for makeup, so she headed to glamorous Paris to continue courses in Scars Coverage, TTT and Special Effects. 

Her certifications from various academies and many internationally recognized skin care brands, make Manal believes that it’s no longer only about “looking good” it’s about being comfortable with a healthy skin. So she offers a wide array of skin care treatments at her own department at DR KAYLE Aesthetic Clinic, to boost her client’s confidence with their natural beauty. 

A perfectionist at heart she has the ability to create natural and elegant looks with permanent makeup tattoo. She’s also able to correct and cover up the skin's flaws using medical scars coverage and body reconstruction.

The TV programs and Events has been big part of Manal’s career where she was involving in “The Voice Arabia” “Project Runway” “Cannes Film Festival” “style” and “Anti Ajmal”. MBC has trusted her talent by fixing a weekly beauty training segment in the morning show “Sabah Al Kheir Ya Arab”

Manal’s passion for beauty has inspired her to share her gift with others, she has started MakeUp Forever Academy in Dubai, taught professional fashion makeup at Esmod French Fashion University and trained the makeup effect at MS University for the audio-video students.

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Omar Al Houli

Beautyworld Middle East - Omar Al Houli

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Odict

Omar is an ambitious Kuwaiti. A graduate from the American University of Kuwait with an aspiration to break all boundaries. An avid traveller and an addict of fashion and culture. After his experience working with luxury brands he decided to bond his addictions and to build on his interests and set out into the world of perfumery.

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Rana Saab

Beautyworld Middle East - Rana Saab

Certified Image consultant, trainer and celebrity stylist specializing in personal and corporate image consultations and trainings

With over 12 years of experience, Rana Saab is recognized in Dubai as the first certified Image Consultant and Stylist in the region. Middle East Ambassador and liaison for the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), Rana Saab is Certified as an Image Consultant, Stylist and Trainer, specializing in individual and group image consultations and trainings.

Her portfolio of clients includes corporate, personal clients and celebrities such as Hollywood actress Eva Longoria, Lebanese pop star Ramy Ayache, International Diva Haifa Wehbe, Actress Hend Sabry, Singer Diana Haddad, Hussein Al Jasmi, and more.

Her portfolio for top luxury fashion brands in the region includes Chloé, Cartier, Bloomingdale's, Harvey Nichols, Etoile la boutique, Ralph Lauren, IWC, Dunhill and Rubaiyat to name a few. She has hosted several styling events and workshops and is currently a judge on Style Me program on Dubai TV.

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Rayjai Babauta

Beautyworld Middle East - Rayjai Babauta

Founder and Designer, genderfluid label JAIBABUTA

Throughout his nine year corporate career in luxury retail and including the Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols Dubai, this fashion designer and beauty retailer discovered a niche between the two industries - genderfluidity. Influenced by his personal ethos of fashion and beauty being intrinsic desires for all genders, this has continued to fuel his exploration of how beauty standards are perceived and what they really mean for the end user. It is with this mindset that Rayjai continues to explore trends in wellness, fragrances and colour. How both fashion and beauty have parallelism in viewing customers not as genders, but as humans.

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Ria Tapodoc

Beautyworld Middle East - Ria Tapodoc

Beauty Blogger & Influencer, Dubai Maven

Ria Tapodoc is a UAE- based beauty blogger. She started blogging in April 2016 on her popular Instagram and Youtube handle Dubai Maven. Known for her one-minute make up and beauty videos.

Ria has successfully worked and collaborated with both local and international beauty brands, such as Fenty Beauty, Kat Von D, Sephora Middle East, Beauty Blender, Forever Makeup 52 and Bobbi Brown Middle East. 

Ria believes that make up not only enhances one's beauty but it also makes them feel good. She wants to help and make a difference in people's lives by sharing her makeup and beauty techniques.

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Rosemin Manji

Beautyworld Middle East - Rosemin Manji

Founder, RR&CO

Regarded as one of the most Influential Women in The Arab World. Rosemin Manji is the founder of RR&CO, a Dubai-based luxury consulting firm that helps the likes of established luxury brands such as Burberry, Givenchy and Christian Louboutin expand their presence in the UAE.

Having studied at the London College of Fashion and later gaining valuable work experience at Sotheby’s, Prada, Burberry’s head office and Gucci’s press office, she was asked by Tom Ford – while working at the latter - to join his team. She then went on work for Juicy Couture, overseeing the European PR and communications teams. Her first client on starting her new venture was a certain Tiffany & Co, a standard to which she has kept ever since.

Manji is also an influencer in her own right and reportedly even has Christian Louboutin design and name one of his very own red-soled pieces after her.

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Ruksher Malik

Beautyworld Middle East - Ruksher Malik

Owner, Pastels Salon

Ruksher Malik moved to London when she was 18 where she spent two years training in prestigious hair academies, namely Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, L’Oreal Technical Academy, Nicky Clarke, Morris masterclass international and Complections International. By 1996, she was running a small but successful salon in Pune when she relocated to the UAE, where she set up the Pastels Salon brand in 2004 with business partner, Steven Chan. 

One of a select group of salon owners invited to participate in the inaugural EIDEAL- Santi Business Leadership Progamme, mentored by business guru, Susie Santiago in 2016 and named as one of the winners for the EIDEAL-Santi business leadership award in May 2018. 

Regularly reviews market positioning and the company’s growth, as well as undertaking SWOT analysis and branch Net Promoter Scores to ensure Pastels remains a market leader. Spearheads the development of the Standard Operating Procedures and ensures quality control across all branches to ensure consistency as a brand.

In 2016, Ruksher developed ‘The 8K Business Boost – The Pastel’s Client Journey’ to educate staff about the “Michelin-Star” standards that should be implemented across the entire company to ensure clients have a consistent high-end experience, dubbed the Pastels’ experience. The success of this initiative is has led to high client retention percentages and the staff has shown pride in working to such a high standard.

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Sara Chemseddine

Beautyworld Middle East - Sara Chemseddine

Founder, Repère Care

Moroccan Sara Chemseddine believes that the world of beauty is going green. “Consumers are so much more aware and educated now, and this represents a giant opportunity for the green beauty industry to grow,” she explains. Following a bout of adult acne in her mid-20s, Chemseddine, who has a background in biotechnology, founded Repère Care in 2016. “I wanted to create natural, simple, and easy-to-use skincare routines for every skin type, with zero compromise on quality and safety.” Drawing inspiration from her Moroccan roots, she uses prickly pear seed oil in her products. “It’s an oil that has been used among Berber women for generations and has proved, through time, to heal and repair the skin,” she says. To guarantee that the brand stays authentic, Repère Care is formulated, produced, and packaged in the UAE.

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Tamara Jamal

Beautyworld Middle East - Tamara Jamal

Digital Influencer & TV Presenter

A passionate Dubaian Influencer who was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. With origins from Lebanon, she was able to attract the women of the GCC and the Middle East with her love for Fashion, Beauty and TV Presenting. 

She quickly grabbed the attention of local and international brands which landed her projects with the biggest names in the industry. She also became a loyal TV personality to the biggest TV stations in the region including MBC and Dubai TV.

Her presence in many English and Arabic web and print publications including as Zahrat Al Khaleej, Vogue Arabia,, Grazia, Jamalouki and Sayidaty magazine to name a few.

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Zainab Alhassan

Beautyworld Middle East - Zainab Alhassan

Founder, Reine Michi Beauty & POP Communications

Zainab Imichi Alhassan is a UAE based entrepreneur. She is the founder of home-grown beauty brand Reine Michi Beauty and PR Agency, POP Communications.

For years, Zainab has worked with both international and local beauty brands helping them with their communications strategy in the Middle East. Inspired by her Nigerian roots, she saw a gap in the market for a beauty brand with all natural ingredients organically sourced from African countries which led her to create Reine Michi Beauty.

In the last one year, she took a break from Reine Michi Beauty to focus on POP Communications, with her second business now thriving, she will be relaunching Reine Michi Beauty this year in September. Zainab is passionate about ethical beauty and supporting upcoming women owned businesses.

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Simon Shaw

Beautyworld Middle East - Simon Shaw

Global Artistic Director, Wahl (UK)

“One of the most inspiring & motivating hairdressers within the industry, Simon Shaw, Global Artistic Director of Wahl (UK) is known for his innovative & fun approach to hairdressing, barbering & education. Simon’s innovation with the fantastic Wahl product range has been phenomenal, picking up the Hair Awards best men’s range for his Academy collection wet goods and the accolades do not stop there, as Simon also won the first ever Grand Master Barber award.

Simon is known for his passion towards education as he designs, develops and hosts Wahl seminars & courses. As a result of their enthusiasm & innovation for hairdressing & barbering, Simon is a huge attraction at major exhibitions with his success extending beyond the UK, as demand for his unique showmanship has seen him undertake successful tours in over 20 countries.

Now after many successful years with Wahl (UK), Simon is one of the most popular & highly regarded hairdressers & barbers within the industry. Passionate & committed with a desire to make every presentation, stage show or Academy seminar that he is part of fun & exciting, Simon is undoubtedly one of leading stars within hairdressing.”

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Zach Kendall

Beautyworld Middle East - Zach Kendall

Co-founder, Unison

Zach Kendall is a young Australian looking to grow in the UAE. With a passion for minimal design, good coffee and warm hospitality, Zach is the co-founder of Unison and drives their mission — consistent hair cuts and memorable experiences.

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Haifa Addas

Beautyworld Middle East - Haifa Addas

Founder & CEO, Instaglam

Haifa’s teen years were a foreshadowing of INSTAGLAM; she would apply makeup for friends, cut and dye their hair, recommend salons or professionals to go to and would even book their appointments in different cities around the world. She knew how to communicate exactly what each woman was looking for. 

Upon entering the work force, Haifa worked as a marketer for luxury brands such as L’Oreal, Lancôme, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Helena Rubinstein. In addition, Haifa assisted celebrities for leading Pan Arab magazines, managing their local beauty needs. Through this experience, she met so many talented professionals, each unique in her/his own way.

It became clear that no matter where, when, or who, everybody wants to feel their best and needs a touch of glam from time to time. More importantly, everybody has the right to look great and to feel great about themselves, regardless of their age, circumstances and size of their wallet.

Which is where the idea for INSTAGLAM came in. An online portal that brings beauty experts together in one application and gives clients the opportunity to book on demand. 

INSTAGLAM simplifies the way we use beauty services, altering the usual model and allowing the experts to come to the customer. 

Haifa’s vision is to serve as many people as possible, if not the entire world, so everyone can get a chance to enjoy the soul-enriching rewards of beauty and glamour. 

It is also INSTAGLAM’s vision to give artists the opportunity to reach their potentials in every way possible.

Be it thorough INSTAGLAM exposure or the opportunities that unfold along the way, INSTAGLAM hopes for a rewarding experience to all. 

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Sahar Davodi

Beautyworld Middle East - Sahar Davodi

Founder and Managing Partner, Pure Blue

Persian born Sahar was raised in Scotland and moved to the shores of Dubai in 2008 after graduating from Strathclyde business school. Her journey of Pure Blue started not long after moving to Dubai when she noticed the quality of water was playing havoc with her hair and skin. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs she noticed there was a gap in the market. With her love for beauty and wellness Sahar and Co Founder (brother) scoured the internet researching water filter systems, they came to the conclusion that most were expensive, ineffective and hard to install.

They both agreed that there had to be a better, easier solution and therefore created a simple, portable, shower purifier, which fits in seamlessly within the bathroom and has been welcomed with open hands in many of the most reputable retailers from leading pharmacy groups and hair salons, spas and clinics.

Following from the shower purifier they have now continued to manufacture products with a focus on having a positive impact on the customer and environment. They now manufacturer a range of water saving products to compliment their shower filter and have supplied major hotel chains, airlines and Dewa.

Two siblings with a passion for wellness and sustainable solutions are helping consumers rethink their daily shower by sharing information on shower water quality, and raising awareness on the importance of water conservation; as well as emphasise the long-term economic benefits of using less water.

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El Jammi

Beautyworld Middle East - El Jammi

Beauty Vlogger & Makeup Artist, GlamJam

An award winning Beauty Vlogger/Makeup Artist – Eljammi Gozalli has been in the industry for over 5 years, starting as a Fashion Editor Assistant in a publishing magazine. Later within the years, she built an empire by starting up her blog and founded her own company, GlamJam Beauty Academy. Being an inspiration to others, she was nominated as Leading Woman in Business at DMCC Awards. And now her empire grew and open a sister company which is a home service salon, GlamJam Xpress, that offer a home pampering for men ans women around Dubai and Sharjah.

Being in Hot 100 2017 Influential people in the UAE, Eljammi always tries to pass on a message of supporting women to follow they're dreams!"

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Reshu Malhotra

Beautyworld Middle East - Reshu Malhotra

Professional Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger

Reshu Malhotra is a celebrity Makeup Artist & a well-known beauty blogger, with a decade of experience in the beauty industry, that she acquired working with many Bollywood celebrities, brands, commercial promotions, and Magazines over the years.

Her natural talent coupled with her broad experience has helped her built unique skills around creating aesthetic and elegant looks for people of all skin tones, skin types, ages and ethnicities.

After studying Makeup Art at the London Makeup school and Esmod Dubai, she developed a specialization in Bridal Makeup and is known for her outstanding Bridal art. Enhancing the unique and natural beauty of a woman on her big day is her passion.

Some key highlights of her journey have been the work she has done for many Bollywood celebrities such as Ileana D'cruz, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kalki Koechlin, Shriya Saran and more.

Her work has been widely noted and recognized in high fashion circles, from her participation to glamorous red carpet events such as IIFA fashion show, Miss India UAE & Great women Awards. She was nominated as the Best Asian beauty blogger in the region and was also included in list of “Super 100 women Achievers, from India, in Middle East & Africa”.

A few years ago, Reshu also embarked upon her entrepreneurial pursuit and launched her own beauty lounge known as “The Artist Beauty Lounge” located in Dubai.

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Shona Kennedy

Beautyworld Middle East - Shona Kennedy

Professional Makeup Artist

Professional Makeup Artist with over 10 years of experience working with world-class brands such as Mac cosmetics, L’oreal, NYX cosmetics, illamasqua and urban decay. In the UAE I have been privileged to do the cover of the fabulous Zahrat Al Khaleej magazine, as well as an eight-page spread in Cosmopolitan Middle East & Dubai Modest Fashion Week. I have also done backstage makeup for fashion shows worldwide including London & Paris fashion week, and just last week did the high fashion makeup for Elie Saab fashion show at Dubai Opera, as well as his wife Mrs Claudine Saab & daughter

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Yasmin Yousri

Beautyworld Middle East - Yasmin Yousri

Fashion Stylist, Lifestyle Blogger & Motivational Speaker

A 3 times Cancer Survivor, who quit 15 years of corporate life to pursue her dream as fashion stylist, lifestyle blogger and motivational speaker to inspire women that life is just beautiful and worth it after fighting Cancer.

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Ramy Nabil

Beautyworld Middle East - Ramy Nabil


Ramy Nabil, Mr. Dubai and one of the top models and fitness gurus turning entrepreneur,  has used his vast experience in fashion and styling  to create this destination website and filled it with his favourites from around the world He is also sharing the outcome of his golden touch, creating stunning designs and setting trends from LA to Paris all the way to Dubai, Beirut and Cairo where his origins are from, producing fashion pieces to stand out and make a statement.

Ramy being heavily exposed to designers, fashion events, catwalks, and also strongly immersed in the fitness world, brings in the most flattering outfits, putting together the best fashionable look possible, best skin and hair care and getting deep in providing the ultimate service to you by starting from within and tailor make a healthy diet and proper workout advice from top professionals.

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Dr. Lana Kashlan

Beautyworld Middle East - Dr. Lana Kashlan

Founder & CEO, Chicago Dermatology and Cosmetic Center

Dr. Lana is the founder and CEO of Chicago Dermatology and Cosmetic Center, a boutique practice specializing in state of the art and bespoke skin treatments. She has been a Consultant for Ultherapy and is a Key Opinion Leader and Medical Faculty for Allergan Middle East. Dr. Lana also serves as an advisor and consultant for Dear Brightly, a Silicon Valley based startup that combines technology, skin care, and e-commerce. She has been an invited speaker at the largest international dermatology and plastic surgery conferences around the world and is a published author of numerous articles on new treatments with lasers for skin rejuvenation. 

In May 2017, Dr. Lana was invited to join the dermatologists at CosmeSurge in Dubai and has since also been seeing patients in Dubai. Born and raised in the United States with Syrian immigrant parents, Dr. Lana has been uniquely positioned to understand both the Arab and non-Arab aesthetic and combines this with her medical expertise to build a reputation as one of the go to doctors in Dubai for all things skin and beauty. 

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Servane Collette

Beautyworld Middle East - Servane Collette

Director, Institute of Medical Aesthetics

Servane is the director of Institute of Medical Aesthetics, the leading professional training organization for lasers, aesthetic medicine and surgery in the region. She has 12 years management experience in the medical education sector, more specifically within aesthetic medicine and anti-aging healthcare. Passionate about the industry and the education of professionals in the field, Servane brings a wealth of knowledge about the latest trends, the market and the specific needs of professionals in this region and worldwide.

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Soraya Jouzy

Beautyworld Middle East - Soraya Jouzy

Beauty & Wellness Expert and Distributor, Pearl Tree

Soraya Jouzy was born and raised in central London and French educated Lycee Francais and later went on to study at Oxford Brookes and then Hong Kong Polyu for her degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management BSC. From a young age Soraya was exposed to entrepreneurship with her a father working as a leader in hospitality and running his own successful business, where she happily helped with the business wherever possible.

Soraya started her professional career at Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill and Petrus by Marcus Wareing, moving around the establishment overview of the restaurant business from kitchen to front of house, and events for the restaurant group at head office. She later got hired at Four Seasons Hotel group on their MIT program in food and beverage which took her to sunny Miami and opening of Beirut.

After leaving the hotel industry Soraya joined the family business, a hospitality procurement consultancy called HCI as Business Development Director based out of the Dubai office. During this time she was introduced to a family Swiss cosmetics company based in Lausanne. The famed cosmetic doctor held background heritage and appeal but didn’t understand the hotel spa business. Soraya worked with them for 4 years to expand the business with a 360 degree overview, where she fell in love with the beauty and wellness industry with the vision of bringing the brand to the GCC.

Her career in wellness began with the launch of the Pearl Ligne exclusively created for Four Seasons Jumeirah Dubai for their opening. She loved being back in the operations but now on the other side with the team, and offering the Four Seasons’ guests treatment and product experiences they would enjoy. Six months post opening of the hotel and organic transition, the next step was to set up a wellness distribution company supplying complementary beauty leading brands to the hospitality, retail and airline industry… Pearl Tree was born!

Her long term vision is to further grow Pearl Tree in Dubai and beyond, the fact that she loves the city and her father has a fifty year legacy in the UAE encourages her to do the same. Soraya works tirelessly to be the leader in wellness and clean beauty distribution in the GCC and British Indian Ocean with a focus on thought leadership and working with pioneers to give back and educate the region on wellbeing.

Growing up Soraya saw her mom putting an array of natural ingredients, such as olive oil, rose water and argan oil on her skin, eating healthy home cooked meals and was exposed to many different cultures. Within the hospitality industry Soraya was subjected to long tiring hours, and tended to neglect herself where as she was the face of ‘creating experiences’. Soraya says that despite all of this, one has to take care of their wellbeing to stay on top form mentally and physically. She feels the importance of giving back and educating the market on eating decisions, what you are putting on the body, feeling beautiful from within, an every day approach done in small steps and seeing the region slowly awakening to this which she feels is very exciting and that it is innate and important to lead by example.

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Alourdes Eserve

Beautyworld Middle East - Alourdes Eserve

Hair extensions specialist

Considered one of the best master hair extension specialists in Western Canada and now offering appointments at Pastels Salon Jumeirah, Alourdes Eserve boasts 25 years of experience and specializes in multiple techniques such as The Weave, Great Lengths, Braidless Weave / LA Weave, Prebonded / U Tip Fusion, Tape-ins and Clip-ins. Shortly after she obtained her Business Degree, Alourdes combined her passion for business and hair to open Minks Hair Extensions. It soon became Calgary’s premier destination for hair extensions severing not just clients but training numerous hair extension specialist/stylists. Alourdes credits her successful career to building trusted relationships with her clients by providing high quality professional service and working diligently to ensure they are pleased, but her real gift and what truly sets her apart is her perfectionism and attention to detail.

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Salma El Saadany

Beautyworld Middle East - Salma El Saadany

Senior TV Presenter

With over five years of experience in makeup, fashion, and beauty, Salma is an expert at creating iconic looks through her artistry.

Working with some of the region's biggest brands and magazines in the industry, her range of unforgettable shoots and segments have been featured for both makeup and fashion.

Professionally trained at an international level, Salma has seven degrees under her belt.

Past achievements include her most recent position as Regional Trainer & Makeup Artist for Lancome in the GCC.

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Caroline Labouchere

Beautyworld Middle East - Caroline Labouchere

Model and Ambassador for her generation

An Ex-Army wife and a mother of two, now grown children. At age 54 Caroline started a new career as a model and ambassador for her generation. She has since gone on to lead a full page campaign, in five editions of British Vogue, Tatler, Hello and White Magazine. Regularly representing the over fifties in print and film.

Caroline is equally at home in person as a confident public speaker, in print and in movies/tv/internet. She has a strong fashion following on social media and a broad portfolio in diverse formats appealing to a wide age demographic.

She now communicates her message of being her best self, by inviting people into her life to see how she made her transformation.  She regularly meets up with ladies who feel a little unsure of their next step.  Sharing her happiness and energy for life.

Caroline’s work has an ageless quality which makes her highly flexible.

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RN Banafsheh Ghorbi

Beautyworld Middle East - RN Banafsheh Ghorbi

Nurse & Laser Expert

RN Banafsheh Ghorbi brings more than 10 years of experience working as a cosmetic nurse and laser therapist to the Institute of Medical Aesthetics (IMA) in Dubai Healthcare City.

She is also a certified laser operator from the National Council on Laser Certification and has vast experience training in the field of: laser hair reduction, laser aesthetic procedures, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy or cosmeceuticals.  

Besides being a very experienced practitioner, Banafsheh Ghorbi is the lead trainer for the Laser Therapist and Laser Technician course, but also for Skin Health and Mesotherapy training courses held at Institute of Medical Aesthetics.

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Sam Boutros

Beautyworld Middle East - Sam Boutros

Pro makeup artist/Training manager & Brand ambassador, NYX Cosmetics Arabia

Sam Boutros, Makeup Artist since 2005, has been working with renown makeup brands since then, such as MAKE UP FOR EVER, CHANEL, and NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP.

Sam took different roles during his journey, makeup artist, trainer, training manager, brand ambassador… and was involved in a lot of projects such as marketing, communication, products development…

Based in Dubai but travels around the region to offer professional and intensive training programs & makeup workshops for public, beauty schools, consultants, trainers and local makeup artists.

Sam graduated from Make Up For Ever Academy. He is very involved in the world of makeup where he creates looks backstage for regional fashion shows and magazine photo shoots. Sam is also involved in working with the regional celebrities, fashion designer, influencers, & International film festivals.

Expanding over 15 years, my career path has covered a 360 approach inside the Beauty Industry.

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Kiran Chhabria

Beautyworld Middle East - Kiran Chhabria

Director, Jumbo Electronics

Kiran Chhabria is the Director of Jumbo Electronics in the UAE and author of her debut novel, Kitty in the City. She has had columns for both English dailies Khaleej Times and Gulf News and has written for many a publication including Vogue. She is a beauty junkie and a much loved plus sized influencer with her instagram account @howshespendsit

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Lara Ibrahim

Beautyworld Middle East - Lara Ibrahim

Beauty & Laser Therapist, Eternel Clinic

Lara Ibrahim is a DHA licensed skin and laser therapist with a cosmetologist degree from Denmark. Lara has always had a strong passion for beauty and has more the 10 years of experience in the field.

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Larry King

Beautyworld Middle East - Larry King

UK Ambassador, DYSON HAIR

Larry King has cut and styled some of the most celebrated men’s hair across the spectrum of fashion, music, sport and film. The impressive list includes GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the Year and male supermodel David Gandy, actor Jamie Dornan, television’s most dapper football pundit Jamie Redknapp, and everyone’s hair hero, David Beckham.

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