Confirmed participants for 2021

Yadiel Alberto Rodriguez

Beautyworld Middle East - Arod

Co Founder & Celebrity Barber, L3VEL3™

AsYadiel Alberto Rodriguez, known as AROD the BARBER, is an experienced stylist with a passion for helping his clients look their best. A native of Puerto Rico, AROD moved to the United States with his family when he was fifteen years old. He began working in the industry as a teenager and by the age of twenty had over five years of expertise cutting hair for family, friends and a growing client list. AROD joined the United States Army when he was twenty years old to serve his country. Stationed in El Paso, Texas, AROD met Marcus P. Hatch and formed a barber team, participating in competitions around the country. As his expertise has grown, so has his client list. Today, AROD styles many internet celebrities and continues to pursue his dreams of working throughout the world. He specializes in trending hairstyles and freestyle designs.

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Javier Pabellon

Beautyworld Middle East - Sky

Professional barber and hair stylist, L3VEL3™

Javier Pabellon (@Sky_Salon) Licensed master barber, international educator, and owner of SkySalon Barbershop located in Puerto Rico, USA. Sky began his career back in 2000, with maximum ambition and desire of becoming the best barber he could be. Aiming to push hair styling within the industry to the next level, now, with over 20 years of barbering and educational experience, he use his knowledge and the desire of teaching his techniques worldwide. Going beyond language boundaries, he lets his craftsmanship speak for itself, enlightening up and coming barbers and hair stylists. From 2015-19 dedicated on growing as a barber, and as a mentor to his team, he travelled the world from Brazil to Dubai, being on the main stage of numerous events that showcase the most skilled in the barber industry. SkySalon later joined as a brand ambassador and shareholder for L3VEL3™. Dedicated to let his work speak louder than words, Sky takes the main stage with L3VEL3™ showing the world the art that is hair styling.

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Bernie Candelario Arocho

Beautyworld Middle East - Bengie

Professional barber and hair stylist, L3VEL3™

Bernie Candelario Arocho (@barberobengie) Professional barber and hair stylist. He took his first steps in the industry in 1993 in the town of Caguas, Puerto Rico, where he currently lives. He is licensed by the Puerto Rico Barber and Stylists’ College. Bengie began his education in 1997, where he obtained his diploma and began his professional career. He dedicated himself to get better educated by going to workshops and seminars to keep up with all the latest trends and techniques that the industry has to offer. With over 400 hours of seminars and classes, Bengie decided that he was prepared to start his own barbershop, Bengie Salon. Now, with over 28 years of experience as a barber, he has been able to bring his knowledge to hundreds of thousands of people, whether it’s in person, through Online Classes, thru Seminars or Workshops Bengie’s talent and passion for teaching has reached many barbers and stylists, which provided guidance for them to move forward in this transforming industry. Joining L3VEL3™ (@lv3pro) as a brand ambassador has paved the way for Bengie to reach more barbers and stylists worldwide.

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Mark Gaye

Beautyworld Middle East - Mark Gaye

Co-Owner and Vice President, L3VEL3™

Mark Gaye-Co-Owner/LV3 Vice President is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur and barber from Ireland. He opened his first business, a barbershop at the age of 19, and in the following years by harnessing the power of social media to build his personal and barbershop brand , he opened multiple @Notoriousbarbers and academies in quick succession, establishing Notorious barbers as the most followed barbershops in ireland along the way. Mark soon became recognised as one of the leading barbers in Europe and has maintained his status as one of the best educators in the industry. Mark specialises in creating high fashion runway looks with modern, wearable suitability. This will be on full display at Beautyworld Middle East.

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Robert Braid

Beautyworld Middle East - Robert Braid

Professional barber and hair stylist, L3VEL3™

Robert Braid (@.r.braid) is a visual artist & educator known for award winning thematic barbering & photography. Robert has been in the hair industry for 20 years & been a qualified barber for 10 years. He is the co-owner of 2 award winning barbershops (@braidbarbers) based in the United Kingdom (Milton Keynes & Royal LeamingtonSpa). His work has been published in magazines all over the world & has appeared on 2 magazine covers (Modern Barber & Barber Evo). Style of barbering is traditional (OldSchool) mixed with modern specialising in hair designs & patterns with at least 5 signature cuts. Robert is the UK brand ambassador for Level3.

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Yahia Jaber

Beautyworld Middle East - MR. Official

Professional barber and hair stylist, L3VEL3™

Yahia Jaber (@Mr.Official) is a licensed master barber, international educator and owner of 4 Official Cuts barbershops located around the Chicagoland area. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he now resides in Chicago, IL where he is also the owner & director of Official Cuts Academy. He began his career back in 2004 with a passion and purpose for the art & history of barbering. Now, with over 17 years of men's grooming experience, he utilizes his passion and positive training methods as he teaches worldwide courses. In 2015, Yahia introduced “The Art Of Shaving” to the barber community which shares techniques with barbers/stylists of all skill levels. Yahia is also a brand ambassador for Booksy and Level3 Pro. Yahia is passionate and involved in many aspects of the hair and beauty world. He loves sharing his experiences and knowledge with future hair professionals!

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Carlos Estrella

Beautyworld Middle East - LOS CUT IT

Professional barber and hair stylist, L3VEL3™

Proud Chicago native Carlos Estrella (a.k.a. los_cut_it), has garnered close to 250K combine followers with a passionate mastery of tools, trends, and techniques that has made him one of Todays most requested artists. His bold, unique designs with a distinctive Windy City vibe, coupled with his signature flair for hair tattoos, his 23 years of experience have won him the respect and admiration of the industry. The winner of many accolades, including two of the best-selling instructional DVDs, Carlos shares his skills as a barber and presenter all over the world as a ToP level educator.

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Andy Smith

Beautyworld Middle East - Andy Smith

Creative Director & Global Ambassador, INDOLA

The inspiration and passion for the HAIRSLYDZ® Community comes from London superstylist Andy Smith – with over 20 years of hairstyling expertise he knows a thing or two about style and fashion. Andy is a Global Ambassador and Creative Director of Hair. He is renowned for his editorial fashion looks and creativity, which take him around the world to runway shows, shoots for magazines such as Vogue, international movie sets and advertising campaigns. 

Spotting market trends and fashion moves comes as second nature to Andy and recently he recognised a sizeable hole in the market for a diverse range of quality hair accessories, which became the birth of HAIRSLYDZ®, the new and innovative way to #tagyourhair that allows you the opportunity to express yourself through your hair.

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Marcin Georgijew

Beautyworld Middle East - Marcin Georgijew

Technical Advisor & Salon Owner – Poland

A trainer and a entreprenuer Marcin Gerorgijew believes in EdYOUcation should have a personal touch to each individua.

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Sandrine Carliez

Beautyworld Middle East - Sandrine Carliez

Guinot International Training Manager – Paris, France

Sandrine developed at an early stage her passion for beauty, cosmetology, skincare and health. She’s an accomplished Guinot Skin Care Trainer with vast experience in the beauty industry, profound knowledge and expertise in providing technical training support on both local and international levels.

Sandrine possesses more than 15 years of competitive experience training & developing aspiring and professional-level skin therapists the best practices in skin care techniques and rejuvenation procedures – with a solid sense of aesthetics & beauty and an engaging approach.

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Josheph Ghazarian

Beautyworld Middle East - Josheph Ghazarian

As a Nazih Education Manager, Paul Mitchell® International Trainer, and Brand Manager, Joe worked on a variety of projects. Joeseph is the Middle East representative for both the Nazih Group and the John Paul Mitchell System. 

Showcasing as a  platform artist and  a proud son of a hairstylist, In 1998, he began his career in the beauty industry. He also helps  people succeed by sharing his experience, knowledge, and enthusias, and believes that loving what you do and doing what you love is the best way to produce an outstanding work!

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Chlöe Swift

Beautyworld Middle East - Chloe Swift

Global Educator, ghd

Chlöe is part of the Central Education team within ghd, where she educates all things ghd within the international markets. Chlöe attends shoots and campaigns for ghd, styling hair and she creates social media content for the brand. Chlöe has a TikTok following of 65 thousand where she shares all her hair hacks and hair tutorials @chloeswiftstylist

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