Confirmed participants for 2022

Adonees Farhat

Beautyworld Middle East - Adonees Farhat

Hair Transformer, Mounir

Adonees is a hair Transformer at Mounir with 9 years of experience.

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Allison Arivizu

Beautyworld Middle East - Allison Arivizu

Artist, L3VEL3

Allsion was voted rookie of the year barber in 2021. She has quickly gained her respect in the barbering industry and is now one of the top educators in the world. Catch her on front row showcasing her amazing fade and talents. 

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Alexander (Platano) Heredia

Beautyworld Middle East - Alexander (Platano) Heredia

Artist, L3VEL3

Platano specializes in hair units for men. He’s is a leading educator in the usa teaching barbers how to perfect the man wig and will be demostrating a hair unit live on front row

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Andrea Vieira

Beautyworld Middle East - Andrea Vieira

Owner & Director, Brazilian Secrets Hair

Founded in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian Secrets Hair grew out of the desire to create innovative technologies and cutting-edge products able to be beyond client's expectations. We believe that through technological innovation we can find solutions to offer revolutionary products and provide the best professional products possible. Our formulations are enriched with Amazon actives and represent the perfect balance between the high-end technology and green alternatives. Our products are never tested on animals and use no harmful chemicals, to provide compatibility with all hair types and colors.

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Arod (Yadiel) Rodriguez

Beautyworld Middle East - Arod (Yadiel) Rodriguez

Chief Marketing Officer, Artist, L3VEL3

Arod has been voted the world’s number 1 barber in the world. He has cut many celebrities such as bad bunny, steve harvey, nicky jam. He will be demostrating some of his talents live on front row!

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Carlos (Los) Estrella

Beautyworld Middle East - Carlos (Los) Estrella

Artist, L3VEL3

Carlos is one of the top barbers in the world specialzing in creating new trends through designs and art. He will be demostrating some of his unique freestyle work on front row! 

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Caroline Soares

Beautyworld Middle East - Caroline

Head of Marketing, Brazilian Secrets Hair

Caroline is the Head of Marketing at BSH, where she was part of a huge variety of international projects world-wide. A holder of Master’s Degree in Marketing and Cosmetic Trichology, she has been providing sales and technical support for many countries and have successfully accomplished the goal of spreading all BSH’s brands and Brazilian culture across different countries.

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Deya Elayyan

Beautyworld Middle East - Deya Elayyan

Artist, Comedian, L3VEL3

Deya is a worldwide influencer that has a unique way of entertaining his followers with music and comedy. He will be singing his latest songs along with releasing the new l3vel3 anthem. 

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Elie Korkomaz

Beautyworld Middle East - Elie Korkomaz

NAZIH Haircare Educator

Elie has been in the beauty industry for more than 3 decades and a valuable member of Nazih education team since 2018. He has been part of various and famous Dubai gents’ salon located in 5 star hotels as a hairdresser, barber and manager. We all know Elie as a warm-hearted and bubbly person nonetheless, he takes his job passionately. He believes improving his skills and techniques is foremost as a hairdresser, ensuring that his knowledge is up-to- date.

Elie love to work with other people and as an Educator, his aspiration is to share his knowledge patiently to the young dynamic hairdressers.

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Fiona McGuire

Beautyworld Middle East - Fiona

Educator in UAE, GHD

Fiona has 12 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry. Previously working with Irelands Top Leading Hair Salon, Peter Mark at management level, she gained her passion for the importance of delivering excellence in the hairdressing industry and the importance of gaining knowledge and education in our Industry.  She has lived in UAE for 2 years and loving her life in the UAE meeting people from all nationalities and from around the world training and supporting them in all their hairstyling needs with global brand GHD.

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Heqmat Abomar

Beautyworld Middle East - Heqmat Abomar

Creative Director, Mounir

Heqmat is a Lebanese futuristic entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of the Group Mounir, in which his far-sighted vision shifted the brand to a whole new global level.

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Josheph Ghazarian

Beautyworld Middle East - Josheph

NAZIH Education Manager & JPMS International Trainer, John Paul Mitchell Systems

A proud son of a Hairstylist, Joe began his career in the beauty industry in 1998 and now has 24 years of hair artistry experience ranging from coloring, cutting & styling etc. Joe has been solely managing Nazih’s UAE Education Team, is trained and certified Paul Mitchell International Trainer and Brand Manager in UAE. Joe enjoys showcasing his craftsmanship and imparting his expertise with salon hairdressers to deliver exactly what their clients are envisioning when they sit down in their chair.

A natural-born creative, Joe is also known for his sleek, modern looks; always giving his personal takes on trends. Being the charismatic speaker that he is, you will also find Joe hosting major beauty trade (hair) shows in the GCC region with Nazih Group. When he’s not out conducting trainings, events, or seminars, you will find him video editing and creating content as he’s also passionate about photography and videography.

True to his passion as an Educator, he helps aspiring and professional hairdressers alike succeed by sharing his knowledge, skills, and expertise with enthusiasm, and believes that loving what you do and doing what you love would naturally produce an outstanding quality of work!

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Mounir Abomar

Beautyworld Middle East - Mounir Abomar

Artist, Mounir

Mounir is a Lebanese Hair Designer - Entrepreneur. He is the founder of MOUNIR, an internationally renowned brand for cosmetics that triggered a revolution in the hair industry, pioneering groundbreaking techniques and unique hair coloring methods.

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Sandrine Carliez

Beautyworld Middle East - Sandrine

Guinot International Training & Development Manager, Guinot

Sandrine developed at an early stage her passion for beauty, cosmetology, skincare and health. She’s an accomplished Guinot Skin Care Trainer with vast experience in the beauty industry, profound knowledge and expertise in providing technical training support on both local and international levels. For more than a decade, Sandrine has been in the forefront of strengthening Guinot’s presence in terms of providing top tier educational and developmental strategies in the Asia Pacific and EMEA region.

Sandrine possesses more than 15 years of valuable and impactful beauty industry expertise and is passionate about training & developing aspiring and professional-level skin therapists the best practices in skin care techniques and rejuvenation procedures – with a solid sense of aesthetics & beauty and an engaging approach.

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Séverine Papin

Beautyworld Middle East - Severine

French International Educator and Artist, John Paul Mitchell Systems

As a third generation hairdresser, Severine built and developed her artistic skills through working in her family salon business. With 13 years of experience managing a salon, she’s been able to lead a team as well as guide & inspire young apprentices through their professional development journey.

Thanks to the love Severine shows for her profession and her passion for sharing knowledge, she was destined for the world of education. She has headed up the Education Centre in Le Mans, her home town, mainly known for the famous automobile racing “Les 24h du Mans” during 8 years.

Being introduced to the Paul Mitchell brand in France was an important moment of her life. This love story with the brand made it possible for her to become not only an educator, but also part of the Paul Mitchell International Artistic Team and winner of the Rising Star Award 2017.

Her enthusiasm and contagious smile will leave a mark on all those who, like Severine, have a passion for hair. 

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Simone Blassime

Beautyworld Middle East - Simone Blassime

Global Education Manager, John Paul Mitchell Systems

Simone, coming from a family of hairdressers in Rome, Italy has always been part of the cosmetic world. At the age of 21, he started working for hair color manufacturing companies as a Technical Director.

Simone met Paul Mitchell family in 2004 and since that moment, he’s been consistently working first for JPMS Italy and then later on for JPMS USA. 

Simone’s a proud owner of a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Rome, Italy since 2010. And in 2014, Simone was appointed Global Education Manager at John Paul Mitchell Systems!  He has supported our European Distributor Partners in developing their Educators’ career paths and implementing the Paul Mitchell Global Education standards within their organizations, while at the same time conducting In-Salon Education, Workshops and Events in the Region.   

Simone looks forward to sharing his many years of color knowledge and passionate enthusiasm for this exceptional hair care system and supporting the success of our Distributor Partners, Salons and Stylists, Globally!

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Sinan Sabic

Beautyworld Middle East - Sinan

Brand Ambassador, Revlon Professional

Sinan Sabic is a young hairdresser from Slovenia full of passion and positive energy. He became Revlon Professional International Brand Ambassadors in 2011, after having demonstrated for 9 years his huge talent and creativity working as Revlon professional Educator in Slovenia. On top of that, he has his own salon

He very much enjoys travelling around Europe to perform Shows and Seminars for the brand. He is part of the Revlon Professional Global Artistic team and has been working backstage at the Style Masters Show for several years.

He creates his own collections, with amazing editorial looks and also proudly participated in several Revlon Professional Collections such as Fall in Love Collection (Fall/Winter 2015-2016) and Joy Collection (Fall/Winter 2021-2022).

His leitmotiv is “never stop learning to be a better version of yourself”.

@sinan_sabic  @sinanology_academy

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Tarek Ismail

Beautyworld Middle East - Tarek Ismail

Hair Transformer, Mounir

Mike is a hair Transformer at Mounir with 8 years of experience.

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Una Radivojevic

Beautyworld Middle East - Una

Education Director, Revlon Professional

Una Radivojevic was born in Belgrade, Serbia to a family with a long hairdressing tradition. Immediately after finishing high school she joined the team at Voja Hair Studio, one of the oldest and most prestigious hair salons in Serbia.

In the summer of 2002 she attended first of many courses at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London, starting with ABC Cutting and Creative course. She used every opportunity to further develop her craft, repeating the courses at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in various occasion at the beginning of her career.

Since then, she is Education Director in Serbia for Revlon Professional.

In 2007, Una became Revlon Professional International Brand Ambassadors, holding seminars and showcasing new collections and products all through Europe.

As part of the Revlon Professional Global Artistic team, she has been working at the Style Masters Shows for several years and participated in some Revlon Professional Collections like Yes I do (Spring/Summer 2014), Fall in Love (Fall/Winter 2016-2017) and Vivacity Collection (Spring/Summer 2020).

Una is a very talented hairdresser, who loves travelling and communicate her passion.

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Zeina Nasr

Beautyworld Middle East - Zeina

NAZIH Skincare Educator, Casmara

Zeina have developed her interest in beauty at such a young age that it inspired her to formally study Beauty Therapy and received her very first professional training on 2006. As a certified Beauty Therapist for over 15 years now, Zeina worked for and has been part of various famous and well established spas as Beauty Center Manager and Beauty Advisor.

Over the period of her career, Zeina was able to advance her expertise in the field of skin care which enabled her to perform wide variety of professional skincare treatments and services. Currently a Skincare Educator with Nazih Group, Zeina have always taken pride in her work and ensures that she’s constantly updating her skills, keeping her knowledge up-to-date with the latest market and industry trends.

Zeina’s number 1 goal is to impart her knowledge and expertise on how to make sure that clients will enjoy their salon/spa experience – feeling completely refreshed and revitalized as they step out of the beauty center.

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