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The evolution of natural & organic at Beautyworld Middle East

Taking a more holistic approach to the shift in values of today’s consumers, clean+conscious (formerly Natural & Organic) is the new home for brands committed to making a difference to both people and the planet.

A movement as a result of today’s consumer being more environmentally and socially aware than ever before; natural, sustainable and ethical beauty products have emerged as one of the primary growth drivers alongside the traditional beauty industry.

With a more thoughtful approach to purchasing, the conscious consumer is taking a closer look at a brands values and actions in order to make informed and responsible choices that benefit not only our own health and well-being but also that of the environment and society.

Who can participate?

Beautyworld Middle East - Products

While natural and organic products are still important, consumersare now looking for more than just these certifications. The core values for brands participating as part of clean+conscious will be aligned to 6 main pillars;

Clean - The use of safe, non-toxic and natural ingredients and materials

Inclusivity - Representation and celebration of diversity across all races, cultures, gender and ages

Sustainability - Zero waste production, sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly ingredients and processes


Beautyworld Middle East - Products

Ethical Sourcing & Production: Embracing fair trade, cruelty free, halal and vegan ethicality in their actions

Social Impact: The welfare of local and global communities through empowerment and philanthropy

Transparency: Clear and open communication on the who, what, where and why behind each product

Benefits of participation

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