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02 August, 2023

A Global Hub Shaping the Future of Beauty: Discover Beautyworld Middle East 2023

Beautyworld Middle East

The Middle East region is experiencing an unprecedented boom in the beauty industry, making it a prime destination for business opportunities and innovation. Beautyworld Middle East 2023, the leading beauty trade show in the region, is set to showcase an incredible number of industry players from around the world when it returns to Dubai from 30 October until 1 November. Championing the influence and opportunity for the business of beauty in the region and beyond, Beautyworld Middle East is the industry’s chosen platform for connection, inspiration and global trade. The full spectrum of beauty sectors are represented on the exhibition floor, making attending Beautyworld Middle East 2023 essential for beauty industry professionals seeking success in the region and beyond.

The Middle East has emerged as a flourishing market for the beauty and personal care industry, driven by a combination of factors that make it ripe for growth. A growing population and increasing disposable incomes combined with steadily rising consumer awareness about beauty and personal care products has led to the highest global consumer spending on makeup and skincare.

According to McKinsey & Company, the retail value of the Middle East and Africa beauty and personal care market is projected to reach an impressive $47 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 12% from 2023-2027, double the global average. This projection showcases the region's tremendous growth prospects and underscores its significance as a major player in the global beauty industry, further solidifying its position as a dynamic and thriving market.

The beauty and personal care industry in the Middle East is a vibrant and thriving sector, propelled by a combination of factors including a growing population, increasing disposable incomes, and a rise in consumer awareness. Skincare and fragrance segments in particular are expected to witness exponential growth, with McKinsey predicting their values projected to double in the coming years. Beauty brands of all sizes from around the world will be attending Beautyworld Middle East to discover the opportunities in the region and to connect with companies around the world across the entire beauty supply chain.

Beautyworld Middle East

Increasing International Attendance

Beautyworld Middle East has witnessed remarkable growth in international participation in recent years, attracting exhibitors from a diverse range of regions and countries. Looking ahead to the 2023 event, it becomes evident that the beauty industry's interest in the Middle East continues to soar with the show expected to grow in size nearly 20% from 2022, with around 1500 exhibitors filling a sold-out exhibition across 15 halls. With over 26 country pavilions, the event will host exhibitors from Europe, Asia, the Americas and beyond, demonstrating the global recognition of the Middle East as a lucrative market for beauty brands.

In addition to the growth of exhibitors travelling from around the world for Beautyworld Middle East, previous editions of the event have seen a surge in visitors from a number of countries, including India, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, and Egypt.  Among the 139 countries that visitors travelled from to attend the 2022 event were France, the United States, South Africa and Singapore, as well as the whole Middle East, with many visitors stating that they were actively seeking to make new business connections as well as discover the latest industry innovations. This growing interest indicates the latent demand within the industry to establish fruitful business connections with companies attending Beautyworld Middle East and reinforces that the exhibition serves as a pivotal platform for global beauty professionals, allowing them to explore new market opportunities, build valuable networks, and grow their own business with the industry’s leading global players.

The event's growing international presence is a testament to the Middle East's rising prominence as a key beauty market and the increasing attendance from diverse regions highlights the interconnected nature of the beauty industry. Beautyworld Middle East is expected to welcome its 1500 exhibitors from 65 countries, signifying the global recognition of the Middle East as a thriving market, where beauty enthusiasts are seeking the latest trends, innovations, and beauty solutions. The growth of the show illustrates the attraction of the event to beauty brands from around the world, with many new international names exhibiting, including European brands such as SelfieLab (Belarus) and SUPERZ Perfume Kft (Hungary) and Middle Eastern companies like Mad Cosmetics Company (Bahrain); while Africa is also increasingly represented, with SIVOP Parfums & Cosmetiques from Côte d'Ivoire. Beautyworld Middle East serves as the perfect platform for these brands to connect with global consumers, understand their preferences, and tailor their offerings accordingly.

As the world becomes more interconnected, Beautyworld Middle East acts as a melting pot of ideas, trends, and collaborations in the global hub of Dubai. This dynamic event provides an ideal platform for international beauty brands, professionals, and industry experts to come together, exchange knowledge, and showcase their expertise. The event fosters a sense of synergy and creativity, promoting the growth and advancement of the beauty industry as a whole, making it unmissable for anyone in the beauty industry.

Entire Beauty Industry Represented in One Place

Beautyworld Middle East 2023 offers attendees an exclusive chance to discover the diverse sectors that make up the beauty market within the region and beyond. Following the tremendous success of last year's edition, which marked the event's most successful and best-attended in its 26-year history, the upcoming 2023 event is poised to build upon this momentum and capitalize on the dynamic and growing international market. Set to take place at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), this truly international event, representing a wide range of sectors: Hair, Nails and Salon Supplies; Cosmetics and Skincare; Beauty Tech; Personal Care and Hygiene, the newly evolved Clean + Conscious sector; Supply Chain and Services, and Fragrance.

The Hair, Nails and Salon Supplies sector offers a comprehensive range of products and tools for hair and nail care professionals. From salon supplies to innovative styling products, this sector caters to the ever-evolving needs of beauty salons and professionals. Attendees can discover the latest hair and nail trends, explore new techniques, and connect with industry experts, creating valuable opportunities for networking and business growth. International brands on display include Christoph Robin (France), Grow Gorgeous (Canada), Roverhair (Italy), Stayve (Korea) and WAHL (USA) as well as local UAE brand Brunson.  Beautyworld Middle East also benefits from the support of renowned industry heavyweight Nazih Group as the official Salon Supply Partner Partner as well as spearheading the return of the Nail It! Competition at the 2023 edition.

The Cosmetics and Skincare sector encompasses a wide range of beauty products, from makeup tools, colour cosmetics and brow and lash products to innovative skincare solutions. This sector showcases the latest trends, technologies, and formulations that cater to the diverse beauty needs of Middle Eastern consumers. Featuring an extensive range of leading brands and rising trend-setters, this segment is one of the largest and most exciting at the show, with many exhibitors demonstrating their latest products and innovations first-hand, allowing attendees to discover new product launches, explore advancements in ingredients and packaging, and gain insights into emerging beauty trends. With exhibitors at Beautyworld Middle East coming from around the globe to be part of the exhibition, brands in this sector will include Esthe Dew (Japan), Tommy G (Greece), Christian Laurent (Poland), Provoc Make-up (UAE) as well as the return of a dedicated pavilion from French Cosmetics Association for SME’s; Cosmed.

The Beauty Tech sector highlights the intersection of technology and beauty, showcasing cutting-edge innovations such as smart skincare devices and digital beauty solutions. Exhibitors like German Beauty Tech brand Geske bring together advancements that enhance the consumer beauty experience, offering attendees the opportunity to discover the latest technological breakthroughs and explore how they can integrate technology into their beauty businesses.

Personal Care and Hygiene focuses on products that contribute to overall well-being and self-care. This sector highlights personal care essentials and hygiene products that meet the growing demand for high-quality and effective solutions. Attendees can explore a wide range of products, including bath and body care, oral hygiene, and grooming essentials, while gaining insights into the latest trends and innovations in the personal care industry.

The Clean + Conscious sector addresses the rising demand for sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical beauty products. Taking a more holistic approach to the shift in values of today’s consumers, Beautyworld Middle East has evolved their Natural and Organic segment of the show with the launch of Clean + Conscious, the new home for brands committed to making a difference to both people and the planet. Exhibitors in this section prioritize values such as clean and safe ingredients, sustainability, ethical sourcing, social impact, inclusivity, and transparency and the sector will showcase brands and products committed to responsible practices, and already comprises companies such as Natura Siberica, Organic Shop, Be BIO, Science and Tradition, and Sopure London. Catering to environmentally conscious consumers, Clean + Conscious gives attendees the opportunity to discover a wide range of clean beauty products, learn about sustainable packaging solutions, and connect with like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to driving positive change in the beauty industry. A movement as a result of today’s consumer being more environmentally and socially aware than ever before; natural, sustainable and ethical beauty products have emerged as one of the primary growth drivers, covering all cross-sections of the market including haircare, skincare and cosmetics.

Supply Chain and Services is dedicated to the entire beauty supply chain, featuring: raw materials and ingredients, private label and contract manufacturing, primary and secondary packaging,

machinery, and other solutions for the beauty industry. From concept to finished product and everything in between, the Supply Chain and Services sector is one of the fastest growing areas of Beautyworld Middle East showcasing suppliers such as primary and secondary packaging brands Aptar Beauty from France and India based Alcan. Among the machinery brands on display will be European companies Sollas (the Netherlands) and Coven (Italy); while contract manufacturing will feature leading industry players like IlCosmetics (Luxembourg), N&K Cosmetics (Poland) and Keystone Cosmetics and Sciences (the Netherlands).

The sector is further expanding for the 2023 event to incorporate the new universe of premium packaging: PrestigePack. This exclusive space has been developed to highlight a curated selection of premium packaging designers, manufacturers and suppliers at the forefront of innovation, creativity, and quality in packaging solutions for the thriving beauty industry, reflecting the growing demand for luxury, innovation, and sustainability in the Middle East cosmetic packaging sector. Prestigious brands included in this sector include Spanish custom high-end folding carton manufacturer Egisa, market leading glass bottle manufacturer Heinz Glas from Germany and luxury promotional packaging, luxury gifting and merchandising solution provider, Cosfibel from France.

The Fragrance Compounds and Finished Fragrance sector offers a wide range of captivating scents and finished fragrance products. This sector showcases the artistry and creativity of perfumers, presenting unique and alluring fragrances to captivate consumers. With participation from the world’s major flavor and fragrance companies including Givaudan, Firmenich, Symrise, Mane, CPL Aromas and Eurofragance, attendees can explore the latest fragrance trends, discover new scent compositions, and network with fragrance experts. In addition, the Signature Scent feature gives major international fragrance houses the opportunity to create their own interpretation of a unique scent for the show, with visitors having an opportunity to participate in a blind sampling and vote for the one they feel most captures the essence of Beautyworld Middle East.

Quintessence – the art of perfume, is a specialized sector dedicated to the craftsmanship of niche perfumery. It celebrates the art of fragrance creation, providing a platform for niche brands and artisans to showcase their unique creations. This sector offers a sensory journey into the world of perfumery, where attendees can appreciate the intricate process of perfume-making and explore rare and exclusive fragrances.

Conference to Educate the Industry

The Next in Beauty Conference, which will take place across all three days of Beautyworld Middle East hosting over 20 sessions, has been specifically developed to offer the value to attendees across all sectors of the beauty industry. The Next in Beauty agenda will delve into the realms of innovation, retail solutions, sustainability, market trends, and future technology, serving as catalysts for enhanced business performance and strengthened brand-to-consumer relationships. In addition, industry experts will share insightful forecasts for the MENA region's thriving beauty market. The Next in Beauty conference will provide a platform for attendees to gain insights, increase their knowledge and stay ahead of the ever-evolving beauty industry. With a focus on cutting-edge trends, innovations, the MENA market and challenges shaping the beauty landscape, this conference is a must-attend for beauty professionals, brand owners, influencers, and industry stakeholders.

Beautyworld Middle East

Front Row by Nazih

Another of the highlights that attendees cannot afford to miss is the dazzling showcase Front Row by Nazih. UAE-based distributor Nazih Group has been catering to the beauty industry for 48 years bringing a wide range of brands and services to the Middle East market. The Front Row stage will bring a high energy line-up of dynamic demonstrations from international talent as well as special guest appearances that mix across three unforgettable days in a creative format that is both engaging and entertaining. Their famously innovative approach to beauty presentations offers a fusion of art, fashion, and beauty that pushes boundaries and redefines traditional beauty norms alongside their avant-garde styling, mesmerizing cosmetic techniques, and visionary hairstyling, to create a showcase featuring a curated collection of trendsetting looks that embody the latest beauty trends and cutting-edge techniques.

For beauty professionals, this showcase is an invaluable source of inspiration and a chance to witness firsthand the latest techniques and trends that will shape the industry. The expertise and creativity displayed by Front Row by Nazih brands including It’s a 10, ghd and Guinot will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression and serve as a catalyst for innovation and creativity among attendees.

Premium Connections with Key Players

Beautyworld Middle East brings together industry professionals, decision-makers, and experts from around the world, providing a conducive environment for networking and building valuable business connections. Attendees can interact with potential buyers, suppliers, distributors, and industry influencers, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can drive business growth. Beautyworld Middle East attendees can benefit from the online Business Matchmaking tools to build connections before the show doors even open, schedule meetings and scan the badges of your new network using the digital show app to build your own industry database. And for qualified buyers, our exclusive invitation only lounge; The Premium Club, provides a relaxing space to network and do business away from the rush of the show aisles. At the most recent edition, 56% of almost 1,000 buyers in The Premium Club were international, with close to 500 top level meetings arranged by the meeting concierge team taking place across the three days. For anyone in the beauty industry looking to take their business to the next level, Beautyworld Middle East is the ideal platform.

Awards to Recognise the Industry’s Brightest Stars

The Beautyworld Middle East Awards, a glittering gala ceremony taking place on the evening of 31 October, is a platform that recognizes excellence and innovation in the beauty industry. Designed to celebrate outstanding brands, products, and professionals across various categories, from skincare products to fragrance, cosmetics and hair, these awards reward excellence across all aspects of the industry. The independent judging panel, composed of industry experts, carefully evaluates the entries to select deserving winners. The Beautyworld Middle East Awards serve as a prestigious platform to acknowledge exceptional achievements in the beauty industry.

With 16 categories developed to highlight the achievements across beauty sectors in the present and into the future, the Beautyworld Middle East Awards showcase the commitment of brands and professionals in achieving quality, creativity, and advancement over the last year. Among the categories are Conscious Brand of the Year, shining a spotlight on a brand that demonstrates exceptional commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility; Homegrown Brand of the Year  celebrating brands launched and based out of the GCC, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and creativity of the region; and Technology Innovation of the Year, highlighting the most outstanding and innovative technology product or solution that has made a significant impact in the beauty industry.

Other categories include Beauty Product of the Year, Popular Beauty Retailer of the Year, Hair Product of the Year and Niche Fragrance of the Year, while the prestigious honor of the Beautyworld Middle East Lifetime Achievement Award will pay tribute to an individual's lifelong work and contributions to the beauty industry. This esteemed accolade celebrates those who have made a substantial impact through their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and leadership.

Beautyworld Middle East (BWME) is poised to open its doors on October 30 for the highly anticipated 2023 edition, showcasing the latest trends, innovations, and business opportunities in the vibrant beauty industry. With a truly global attendance and an ever-evolving landscape, the event has become a hub of international collaboration. Beautyworld Middle East 2023 presents unparalleled opportunities for beauty industry professionals seeking to expand their networks, discover new products, and tap into the tremendous business potential of the beauty market. With its international reach and diverse segments, the event serves as a catalyst for growth and innovation. The 2023 edition provides an unparalleled platform for anyone in the beauty industry to join this dynamic and fast-evolving event that is reshaping the beauty industry landscape. Embrace the business opportunities, connect with like-minded professionals, and be part of the transformative force driving the beauty industry forward. To find out more, to register to attend.