Signature Scent Journey

Signature Scent is returning for the second time with an aromatic experience in the 26th edition of Beautyworld Middle East. This exclusive platform is for each fragrance brand to evoke their spirit of essence and creativity on an international platform.

Some of the top international fragrance houses will get a chance to present their interpretation of a signature scent for Beautyworld Middle East. Manufacturers and retail buyers visiting the show will vote for the fragrance that they feel most captures the essence of Beautyworld Middle East. Each unbranded bottle will be accompanied by the respective fragrance house’s story behind the scent, the olfactory notes, and the reason they believe it captures the spirit of Beautyworld Middle East.

The winning fragrance house will scent a section of Beautyworld Middle East in 2023 — an excellent way to retain extra exposure for the show’s next edition.

Instructions for Exhibitors

Fill in the form below to submit your participation.

No submissions would be accepted after 26th September 2022

Notes used:

Fragrance should be handed over to the Beautyworld Middle East show team upon arrival at the show by 28th October 2022.

Important Information:

  • Content on this page will be presented next to your fragrance, so please fill it in accordingly.
  • Only one entry is allowed per company.
  •  We will only promote the fragrance/content and will not display your packaging.
  • We provide the bottle and will fill in the fragrance.
  • Fragrance Formulation should be 25% Fragrance and 75% Alcohol